EUROPEAN EVENT OF THE YEAR 2020(+1) canceled

Dear participants of the European event,

For some years now we have been planning the big birthday event for the MG Car Club Germany in the form of a European event. When the event was fully booked after 89 minutes in October 2019, our joy knew no bounds and we were looking forward to the date. Well, we know that it couldn’t take place in 2020 as planned and we have all hoped for a better 2021.
Now, at the end of April ’21, the global pandemic is more desolate than it was a year ago, even if the slow progress in vaccination gives some hope.
Of course, we kept an eye on the situation the whole time and asked ourselves again and again whether it would be possible to get together with 300 cars and over 600 people from all over Europe and overseas in August 2021?
This currently seems unimaginable to us. The European Event thrives on conviviality, sitting together and personal exchange. This is currently not possible. The meeting wouldn’t be what we all want either.
Further detailed information will be sent to all participants in the newsletter.

We ask all registered participants to fill out the form using the following link so that the registration fee can be reimbursed.   KLICK