About MG Car Club Deutschland

MG Car Club Deutschland e.V. is living the famous MG motto “The Brand of Friendship – Marque of friendship!” for almost 50 years.

Driving pleasure and “joie de vivre” are combined in an ideal way! Regardless of whether the MG enthusiast drives a MG M from 1928 or a MG Midget in 1972, a MG TF from 1954 or a MG TF from 2004: As a genuine brand club, the MG Car Club and its specialists look after the overall range of more than 90 years of MG history – and this includes the pre-war vehicles and classics of the 50s to 70s as a matter of course as modern MGs from MG F on MG ZR / S / T up to the MG6 of the present.

The MG Car Club Germany is “Affiliated Center” of the MG Car Club in England.  The helpfulness among MG Car Club members is proverbial – the “Touring Handbook”, for example, is a faithful travel companion in the glove compartment and has already saved so many holidays with its valuable address fund …

“On-site support” is provided by almost 50 round tables throughout Germany, making it the ideal point of contact for those interested in MG. The current club calendar shows numerous events in Germany. From the camping meeting as fun for the whole family over the traditional “International Whitsun meeting” and MG-runs at motorsport events to workshop workshops and spare parts exchanges there is something for every taste and budget. The club magazine “MG Kurier” (4x per year) and the club homepage keep club members and interested parties always up to date in terms of events, technical support and scene tips. Thus, the MG Car Club is just the right platform for anyone and everyone who has enjoyed the sports cars and limousines from Abingdon and want to enjoy their hobby without worries in a friendly circle of friends.

Contact: MG Car Club Germany e.V.

Herrnhofstr. 3, 61137 Schöneck

Web: http://www.mgcc.de

E-Mail: sekretaer@mgcc.de

(Picture: Hausach meeting in the 80s with international participation)